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Busty Sarah Foster saved by her 38JJ boobs

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The 28-year-old experienced a terrible car accident and was saved by her 38JJ breasts, when they performed like like twin airbags.

Ms Foster admitted she had even been considering a boob reduction but now she might reconsider because they, quite literally, saved her life.

Sarah was stopped along the roadside when, out of nowhere, a Mini Cooper slammed into her. Sarah's clothes and shoes were blown off on impact, but incredibly, she rolled over the windshield and bounced off the car, without breaking a single bone.
The on-scene medics explained that Sarah's breasts had acted as 'airbags', protecting her from potentially fatal damage. "I hit the windscreen and heard the smash," Sarah said. "My boobs hit it [the windscreen] so hard it just smashed.
Boobs one -- Mini Cooper zero.
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Written by boobyshare

Jul 19, 2015