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Sexy moms rise to the Nadya Suleman challenge

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Nadya Suleman, the "Octomom" recently flashed her breasts and even screened her porno film: Octomom: Home Alone at a drag queen show in New York Friday night, according to radar online:

Octo-Mom flashed her breasts, pretended to nurse two plastic dolls, fed one of the "babies" from a bottle of vodka, and screened a clip from her porno film -- all while the drag queens cheered and laughed.

This comes just a few days after police decided Suleman would not be charged for child abuse after police investigated claims that she allowed her older children to sexually abuse her eight younger children, the Orange County District Attorney’s Chief of Staff telling the reporter:

“The La Habra Police turned over a case this morning and we reviewed it and found that there was insufficient evidence to file charges against Nadya Suleman or her parents.”

While some people think the mother of fourteen children looks surprisingly hot, we think our pics of real amateur milfs are a lot better than the topless photos of Octomom.

Suleman supposedly turned down a previous offer of a million dollars and had sworn she would never stoop to doing porn in order to support her children. Now she says a masturbation video doesn't count, since it's a solo act. 

We challenge women to post pics of their hot boobs simulating the poses in the promotional photos from Octomom's self-pleasure masturbation video showing the world that our real amateur moms are a lot hotter than the 37-year-old pornstar Octomom.

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Oct 13, 2012

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